T o r t u r i n g N u r s e

P r o f i l e

Torturing Nurse : analogue harsh noise/pure noise group from ShangHai China.
Started on 2004.04.25 till FOREVER!
Torturing Nurse was founded by Isuzu Fan and Junky Cao on April 2004.Later Miriam and Youki(Xu Cheng) joined TN and Miriam left on 2008.JIADIE joined TN as female vocalist and performer from 2008 to 2010.LiHuiHui joined TN on 2010 and left on 2012.the group's current fixed member are Junky and Youki(Xu Cheng).
TN had done over 130 performances.Their Works been published in various Mediums including limited cdrs、tapes、vinyls、cds、floppy disks in more than 250 recordings all over the world.
TN collaborated with many Artists in extreme noise、free improvisation、grindcore scenes including Government Alpha、GX Jupitter-Larsen、Astro、K2、Sete Star Sept、Zbigniew Karkowski...