Easy to beat the travel bug

Feet itching to get out on the road again? Been back home for a while since your last adventure and desperate to start the next one? If your travel piggy bank isn’t quite up to the task of flying you off on the next big trip just yet, don’t let the travel bug get its claws into you – combat the desire to run away from home with our top tips on how to beat it.


1. Get outside

At the risk of sounding just like your parents, a good old-fashioned dose of fresh air really does put you in a better mood – so get off the couch and get outside. As spring brings out the flowers and those much-missed blue skies you might just find yourself looking at where you live in a whole new light. Top tip: reserve this one for sunny days.


2. Take a different route

Travelling means seeing new things – but there are plenty of those far closer to home. Next time you’re heading to a friend’s house or even just popping to the shops, take a deliberate wrong turn and see where it takes you.

You might find an overgrown woodland path leading to a garden you never knew existed, or stumble upon a beautiful historic building you’ve never noticed before.

After all, these things happen on the road all the time – and that road starts right outside your house.


3. Do something exciting at home

Remember the rush of that helicopter dipping over the Grand Canyon or the thrill of that bungee jump you braved in New Zealand? Adrenaline knows no borders and those adventures aren’t confined to foreign climes. Look locally and you’ll likely find something to get your adrenaline thrills.

Why not take a helicopter or hot air balloon flight over your home city, or try a new adventure sport in your nearest national park? And there’s nothing to stop you from posting pictures on Facebook, just as you would if you were on the other side of the planet.


4. Get cooking

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Who hasn’t come back from a trip with a recipe book they always meant to use? Now’s the time to crack it open, and start cooking some of those Indonesian curries or Italian pasta dishes you’ve always meant to.

Your taste buds will never know they haven’t been transported to Thailand or France, even though you’re really balancing a bowl on your knee back home.